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Corinth Christmas parade cancelled due to new restrictions

The annual Corinth Christmas parade has been cancelled according to Corinth Main Street. They announced that the Corinth Christmas parade will not happen in 2020 due to COVID restrictions. Since they couldn’t limit the crowd to just 50 people the parade, scheduled for Saturday, December 5, will not take place.

From the release:

Due to Alcorn County being placed under a mandate by the governor, we are unable to have our annual Christmas Parade.

The mandate states no more than 50 people can gather at an outdoor event therefore, hosting the Christmas parade is not possible.

We are saddened by this, as we know you will be. We felt very strongly that the community needed this year’s parade more than ever however, we must abide by the rules in place.

Alcorn County was the only county left in Mississippi that was still scheduled to have a Christmas parade this year due to COVID-19 so please know we were trying very hard to make this happen for our city.

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