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Family’s dog found beaten, murdered with rope tied around it and family is offering a reward for answers

A family in Alcorn county is looking for answers after their family dog was found beaten and murdered with a rope tied around it.

According to the dogs owner, Selina Hastings, the pet had been missing 3 weeks. The animal was found in the Glen area near CR 325. From Facebook. :

I’ll never understand how anybody could possibly “murder” a animal. After 3 weeks of searching for our fur baby Boodro we finally found him today. He was a full blooded boxer, not a pit or any other dog that has a bad title. It was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever seen. I hope the sick POS that tied that rope to him, shot him, beat him and drug him to the abandoned house we found him at never sleeps again. I hope Everytime you close your eyes you see 3 Hastings kids and a momma that has literally balled and squalled all evening. I hope you see his precious eyes looking back at you each and every time you close yours. I hope u soon experience the same heartbreak we’re currently experiencing. I’ve always been told if someone can do something like this to an animal they would definitely do it to a human. You will answer for what you did!! I may never get my closure with you, but I assure you your judgement day will come. There’s a special place for people like you! Boodro would never hurt anyone or anything. You can ask anyone that’s ever been around us. So for someone to do this to him puzzles me. Does this sweet face below look like he would hurt anyone? No!! So the only thing I can say is why? Why did you do it? Our home will never be the same without this baby. He’s been with us every since he was a pup and we made our house a home. Whoever done this is a COWARD and has no balls!! If you did you would have brought him home where he belonged instead of doing what u did. Man and to dump him practically in our back yard when you were finished with him … I can’t even put into words how I feel. I have contacted the news channels and the Alcorn County Sheriffs Dept was called. We filed a report and plan to take this further. We won’t stop until we get justice for Boodro. Yes he was a dog some say, but he was our baby! He was part of our family!!! So to the scum bag that done this… you’re heartless and nothing but trash! ???? ???????? ???? you can contact her at 662-212-2272 with information

⚠️⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️ graphic photos

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