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MRHC issues furloughs, staff reductions affecting about 40% of employees

Magnolia Regional issued furloughs and hourly staff reductions to about 40% of their workforce, according to a Wednesday press release.

From the release:

Magnolia Regional Health Center has temporarily furloughed workers and adjusted hours in response to the financial impact caused by COVID-19.

Due to the restrictions on non-essential elective surgeries and procedures, MRHC will continue to adjust staffing according to volumes over the coming weeks. At this time, about 40% of MRHC employees have been affected. The furlough process averages 90 days, but employees may be called back earlier if needed. MRHC staff affected by the furlough will continue to receive health benefits during furloughs and receive assistance with the application process for unemployment benefits as well.

“COVID-19 continues to impact our organization and the volumes of patients across the spectrum that require care,” said Jim Hobson, MRHC CEO. “With this decline in volumes, our team is working as quickly and responsibly as we can to minimize the number of employees affected.”

Because of impacts on volumes throughout the healthcare industry, many hospitals and health systems throughout the region and nation are facing the same obstacles and challenges. Governor Tate Reeves signed an executive order restricting non-essential elective surgeries and procedures, effective until Monday, April 27, at 8 am. MRHC is planning accordingly and continues to cooperate with statewide and CDC guidelines.

Hobson added, “Our people and caregivers are what drives this organization and creates the special atmosphere at MRHC. Our goal is to have our full team back and working as quickly as we can.”

Jon R Myers

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