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WATCH: President and task force unveil plans to reopen the American Economy

President Trump and his task force unveiled plans to reopen the economy on Thursday, first presenting the plans to the governors of the United States before holding a press conference.

The reopening will happen in phases, according to the press conference.

“Phase one” calls on employers to allow employees totelework where possible, return to work in phases, minimize non-essential travel and make accommodations for the vulnerable populations within the workforce. It calls on all vulnerable individuals to “shelter in place,” and when in public, all individuals should continue social distancing. It continues to prohibit nursing home and hospital visits.

In “phase two,” non-essential travel for employers can resume. Schools and organized youth activity may reopen. Bars, gyms and other large venues can reopen with social distancing measures. Churches can open with social distancing. Elective surgeries can resume.

The third phase says bars, gyms and large venues can reopen with limited social distancing and proper sanitation.

See the complete press conference below

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