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Positive Coronavirus test now confirmed in 21 Mississippi counties

After a Thursday upday, there has been a positive coronavirus case identified in 21 Missisippi counties, according to the MSDH.

From the MSDH, here are the new cases on Thursday:

DeSoto1 Forrest1 Harrison3 Holmes1 Jackson1 Jones1 Pearl River3 Smith1 Walthall1 Wilkinson1 Winston1 Yazoo1 Total16

This brings the cases in the state to 50.

The MSDH Public Health Laboratory is testing samples submitted by Mississippi physicians and healthcare providers around the state in cases where COVID-19 is determined to be a risk. Anyone with symptoms of fever, severe cough or severe chest pains – especially those who are older or in poor health – should call their doctor or healthcare provider for instructions on safely being examined. Healthcare providers can assess your health history and symptoms, and perform testing for COVID-19 as needed.

Private laboratories in the state are now performing COVID-19 tests in addition to those processed by the MSDH Public Health laboratory. Our testing total includes test results from all sources.

COVID-19 is a new respiratory virus first identified in Wuhan, China that causes flu-like illness ranging from mild to severe, with symptoms of fever, coughing, fatigue and difficulty breathing. Like the flu, COVID-19 is thought to spread person-to-person by close contact (within 6 feet) and by coughing or sneezing. Other possible routes of transmission may include touching surfaces contaminated by the virus.

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is he executive editor of the Mississippi New Group, the largest digital only media company in Mississippi.

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