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Search and recovery continues, way you can help donate to family of missing

Search and recovery efforts continue for the missing fishing team at Pickwick.

From TWRA:


Search and recovery operations began at 8 a.m. this morning with 15 boats conducting surface and sonar scans on the Tennessee River. Two helicopters and one airplane are assisting with aerial scans along the river and surrounding land.

TWRA will provide an update at 5 p.m.

From Chris Cummings via facebook, here is a way you could help donate to the families:

The search continues. Please continue to pray For the families for strength, peace, and comfort. Pray for the searchers and the officials for knowledge, luck, and safety.
I have heard from so many people who want to help and don’t know what they can do. I have an answer….
The State has covered the costs for 3 cabins for the families since this terrible tragedy. That assistance ended as of last night. They have reduced the charges for the duration, but have to begin charging for the cabins.
If you would like to help offset the costs to the families you can call the following and make a donation to cover the cost.
Pickwick Landing State Park Inn
Sandy Jerrolds or Mary Jane Mills can take your donations made by credit or debit card. Keep in mind, a small donation made will make a big difference.
Thank you to everyone, and most of all, continue to pray!

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