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Watch as this soldier returns home to surprise his son at his Alcorn County school

Very few things hit you like a surpirse return home by a solider. It’s especially great when it happens close to home.

Staff Sargent Rick Roach returned after a 380 day deployment to Kuwait with the Army National Guard 155 Armored Brigade Combat Team. It was his 34th year of service & 2nd deployment. He surprised his son Isaiah at Biggersville Elementary.

From Biggersville teacher and Coach Shelby Waddell:

No matter how tough you think you are, this will get you emotional. Thought we where just going to an assembly here at Biggersville this morning, instead we got to see the return of Sargent Rick Roach from serving our country. Thank you for protecting our freedom & welcome home! (I know it’s a long video but it’s well worth taking time to watch!)

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is he executive editor of the Mississippi New Group, the largest digital only media company in Mississippi.

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