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BREAKING: WATCH LIVE AS Governor announces school in Mississippi CLOSED for year

Governor Tate Reeves held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the fate of schools in Mississippi for the rest of the year. Governor Reeves announced the following prior to the press conference:

We will provide an update on schools at our 2:30 PM press conference today, which we will live stream here on Facebook. Thank you to all teachers, parents, and students for making an exceptional effort to learn in the midst of all these tragic circumstances. We want our kids to get an education and keep their families safe.

At the conference, he announced that there will be no in person school the rest of the year.

Schools have been out for two months. There have been several guidelines put in place by the MS Department of Education about grading for this year.

He also spoke on unemployment and the economy in Mississippi.

You can see the press conference below:

Jon R Myers

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