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Tupelo man arrested for posing as exterminator and stealing credit cards from elderly resident

A Tupelo man was recently arrested after he is accused of posing as an exterminator and stealing credit cards from an elderly resdient.

From Tupelo Police:

——For Immediate Release—–11-23-2021Credit Card Fraud and Grand Larceny Charges Filed

Tupelo Police have arrested Deandrea Oshan Hull (29 y/o male, Tupelo) and charged him with two counts of Credit Card Fraud and one count of Grand Larceny.

Hull was identified as a suspect in a 11-07-2021 Credit Card Fraud Case. Hull had convinced an elderly resident of a West Main Street Apartment that he was an exterminator and while he pretended to spray the apartment he reportedly stole several credit cards. Hull was also connected to an 11-22-2021 Grand Larceny case on North Hill Drive where several items were taken from a home while Hull worked on a construction crew.

On 11-23-2021 Tupelo Municipal Court Judge Sumner set bond at $5,000 for two counts of Credit Card Fraud and $12,500 for one count of Grand Larceny.

Information from Crime Stoppers of North East Mississippi and the rapid cooperation of the crew doing construction on North Hill Drive were instrumental in tying these 2 cases to Hull.

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