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Magnolia Regional Health joins ACO to help achieve “quality care and cost efficiency”

Magnolia Regional Health Center has joined a statewide Accountable Care Organization in order to “build stronger relationships with physicians in their communities to achieve high quality care and cost efficiency,” according to Lynn Barr, CEO and Founder of Caravan Health. 

Mississippi’s first statewide Accountable Care Organization (ACO), Myriad Health Alliance will provide coordinated, high-quality care to the state’s Medicare patients according to Caravan Health. Myriad is a limited liability corporation owned and operated by the participating hospitals.

“The health care providers of Mississippi are ready for this kind of bold new approach facilitated by Caravan Health, the leader in delivery and payment reform,” said MHA President and CEO Timothy H. Moore. “MHA is proud to sponsor a statewide ACO that offers a unique opportunity to minimize risk and maximize cost savings.

Statewide, the ACO will assist in services to 70,000+ Medicare patients.

You can learn more about Caravan Health and the Myridad Health Alliance here. 

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is he executive editor of the Mississippi New Group, the largest digital only media company in Mississippi.

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