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Felony child abuse and drug charge arrest made in Corinth

Corinth police announced a pair of felony arrests on Tuesday.

From Corinth PD:

**Felony Arrests**

On 06/29/23 Corinth Police Department responded to a prior burglary at a residence on Levee Road. Detective Swindle gathered evidence leading to a warrant for Benjamin Baswell. A search warrant was executed on Shannon Baswell’s (Benjamin’s Mother) home where a meth pipe and other paraphernalia was located. A 2 year old child was also in the home. 

On 07/13/23, it was discovered Shannon was aiding Benjamin in transportation and evading arrest. Another search warrant was issued and drug paraphernalia along with baggies with meth residue were found in the home along with 3 children that were being babysat by Shannon. 

Shannon was arrested and charged with: Rendering Criminal Assistance, and 2 counts of Child Abuse/Endangerment Presence of Drugs. Benjamin was arrested at a residence in Kossuth and charged with: Burglary of a Dwelling. 

These cases will be presented to an Alcorn County Grand Jury.

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