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Pro-flag “Mississippi Stands” protest planned for Friday at Alcorn County courthouse

A pro-flag “Mississippi Stands” protest is planned for Friday, July 3rd at the Alcorn County courthouse in downtown Corinth, according to Drake Smith, one of the planners of the event.

The event is planned to start at 2 pm.

According to a Facebook page put together by the organizers:

It’s time to take a stand Mississippi, Our voice and vote have been ignored by our Mississippi government, For those who feel the need to make their voice heard I would love to have you stand by me Friday July 3rd at the downtown courthouse.

According to Smith, over 100 people have shown an interest in the event after it was planned following the vote in the Mississippi legislature to change the Mississippi state flag.

“This was organized after the vote to change our beloved state flag. The People’s vote was silenced and I believe that it was wrong of our senator’s to not give the people a voice in this matter. I believe we should of had a vote like they did years ago,” Smith said.

According to Smith, no specific organizations are involved, it’s for people of the community to speak there mind on the flag change.

You can check out the Event page here.

Pro Flag protest is being planned for Corinth on July 3, 2020.

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is he executive editor of the Mississippi New Group, the largest digital only media company in Mississippi.

One thought on “Pro-flag “Mississippi Stands” protest planned for Friday at Alcorn County courthouse

  • Thank God! I’m all for it. I am a native Mississippian but live in Florida now. I will be coming up and will be there. I have tried for the last week to talk to the Governor , Lt. governor, the government representatives in my hometown area of Ripley, Miss. where I grew up to no avail. They would not answer the phone. I did however leave my comments regrading the flag, that it was left upto the people’s vote not some inbred politicians like it has been before. Lets all get together and raise some hell because this is our heritage. Maybe we can get more people in other areas to protest and maybe even get a petition put on the Mississippi website for people to cast their vote for a repeal of their vote. Stand Up Mississippi!!!!!


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