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Officials request volunteers to help search for missing fishing team at Pickwick

See update here:

Officials have requested volunteers to help search for the missing boating team at Pickwick.

The boat was found but the boaters are still missing, according to TWRA.

From Obion County sheriffs department:

TWRA officials request that anybody that wishes to assist in search efforts report to the Botel ramp off of Wharf Rd outside of Savannah. This is the only access road to the ramp at this point due to flooding.

You need to have a decent sized boat with a decent sized motor. (Jon boats with a 25 are not going to be able to navigate the rough water.)

All boats will be checked in by TWRA or Hardin County EMA officials. Full tank of gas, fully charged batteries, working lights, and required safety equipment is mandatory.

They further request that boats pair up for safety reasons. Preferably at least 2 per boat.
Ensure that you have warm clothes/rain gear.

On behalf of the Obion County Sheriff’s Office, TWRA, and the families, your assistance is appreciated.
Remember to continue to pray…

Jon R Myers

Jon R Myers is he executive editor of the Mississippi New Group, the largest digital only media company in Mississippi.

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