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Mother charged with felony child endangerment

A Corinth mother was charged with felony child endangerment after her newborn tested positive for meth.

From Corinth PD

Suspect: Whitley Bates

Charge: Child Abuse with the Presence of Dangerous Drugs

On 01/19/23, Corinth Police Department was notified by Child Protective Services regarding a baby that had just been born at Magnolia Regional Health Center.

CPS informed us that the mother, Whitley Bates, had tested positive for methamphetamine among other drugs and had left the hospital without being discharged and without her baby. The newborn also tested positive for methamphetamine. Bates was arrested for a felony child abuse charge that includes neglect and endangerment regarding the presence of dangerous drugs.

Det. Swindle will present this case to an Alcorn County Grand Jury.

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