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Shortage of Meat Processors Reported in the State

There is a known shortage of meat processing facilities in Mississippi, creating shortages in available processed meat for sale in stores, as was seen several weeks ago.

Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson had this to say:

“Mississippi has a problem – not enough local processing of our beef and pork for retail sale. Big packers in the Midwest are robbing Mississippi cattlemen, packers are keeping all the profits and driving up retail prices for consumers. Our meat processors are operating at maximum capacity with a waiting list into 2021. I recently visited Attala Meats in Kosciusko, Mississippi’s largest processor – and they are full up. Mississippi needs more local USDA processing and we are going to make it happen very soon. You have my word on it!”

Mississippi has nearly 16,000 beef raising farms across the state and 440 pork farms.

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